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About Our Work:

If your equipment needs a fresh start, our body shop has the expertise, reliability, and reputation to get you back on the road in style.

We serve all heavy equipment customers from Trucks to Frac Tanks to Agricultural and Construction Equipment.

All our work is done in house by licensed and careful craftsmen, then inspected rigorously before we say it’s ready to go back to you.

Just tell us about your project. We’ll listen carefully to what you need, and then give you a thorough quote and timetable.

Our Services Include:

  • Painting
  • Re-conditioning
  • Re-furbishing
  • Major Collision repair
  • Small body work
  • Polishing

Painting Services

When you purchase a new truck for yourself or your business, you may want it painted to match your style. Our body shop can get you the right paint job according to your specific wants, whether that is a specific color or the removal of existing details. In addition to trucks, we also offer painting services for tanks. Stand out on the highway or job site with a new paint job from Geneva Equipment.

Polishing Services

Most equipment available at Geneva Equipment is used, but that doesn't mean it can't be shiny. If you want your equipment to look brand new and stand out, our body shop can polish it up and it that new equipment shine. This includes polishing trucks, tanks and other types of equipment. Nothing beats that fresh-polished feeling when you get your new-to-you truck, tank or trailer.

Small Body Work

Dents and scratches are no match for our body shop. Any piece of equipment can get dinged, scratched or dented along its journey from job site to job site. Since most of our available equipment is used, we see the need for small body work often. No need to worry, though, because our team specializes in small body work on trucks, tanks, trailers and more. Most small body work is done before a piece of equipment is added to our inventory, but we also offer small body work services when you purchase equipment and want to have it worked on before taking it.

Re-furbishing Services

Before a piece of equipment hits our inventory, it goes through our inspection process. Often, we see equipment that needs re-furbished before-hand. Our body shop team has experience in re-furbishing equipment including frac tanks, trailers and more. Need a frac tank with specific features or a new lining? We got you. Let us know what you need, and we can get you an estimate for a re-furbished tank fit for your needs. There's so much a re-furbished piece of equipment can offer.

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