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A gas buster frac tank is a type of tank used often in drilling projects or oilfield applications. This tank type is designed to safely allow gases to escape while liquids and sediments are extracted. They can also be used to stabilize mud viscosity and flow back wells during drilling.

How Gas Busters Work

Gas buster frac tanks have either one or two vents at the top that let gases escape. Most times the gases are combustible, so it’s safer for the gas to escape from the top instead of being trapped inside the tank, causing hazardous conditions. They also include outlets at the bottom to dispense liquids, just like other types of frac tanks. The vents on top also decelerate the flow of the gas so that it is released at a safe rate.

An ideal solution for oil and gas drilling operations, pipeline service, and other industrial applications, gas buster tanks prevent dangerous blowouts on many job sites. These tanks remove both free or entrained gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and more.

Uses and Applications

You will see gas buster tanks used mostly on oil fields during drilling operations to dissipate high-energy gases from drilling fluids. Gas buster tanks are often used to remove gas that is mixed with drilling fluids for safer handling of those fluids.

Some gas buster tanks come with a closed top, while others feature an open top to make monitoring contents easy. Sometimes, the closed top style also has 6” pipes on the rear to recover gas that would otherwise be vented into the air.

Gas Buster Tanks for Safety

When dealing with high-pressure or combustible gaseous materials, trust a gas buster tank to keep your job site safe. Our used gas busters are inspected, cleaned and ready to work for you. Need more information? Contact us with any questions or for a quote.