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Do You Need to Haul it or Store it? Our Experts Will Work With You to Get the Right Solution for Your Exact Needs and Budget.


Many construction projects, large or small, require a range of equipment from bulldozers and cranes, to semi-trucks and trailers. Construction projects nationwide have also benefited from having a frac tank on site, as well as other equipment such as solar light towers. Work quicker, safer and more efficient with the right equipment on the job site.

Multiple Uses for Frac Tanks

Frac tanks are useful on construction sites for temporary storage of water collected during dewatering, or they can be used for on site storage of fuel, chemicals, fresh water, or waste water. Frac tanks are made of heavy-duty steel, have storage capacities of up to 21,000 gallons, and feature multiple valves that can be hooked to pumps, vacuum tanks, hoses and other equipment.

Most construction sites will require dewatering at certain times throughout the project to maintain a safe and efficient work environment. Hook up pumps and hoses to a frac tank to pump the unwanted water directly into the tank and store it for later use or disposal. This is extremely helpful in situations where there is not a safe or easily accessible place to pump the water.

In addition to dewatering, many job sites also use frac tanks for storing other liquids required during construction processes. For example, a site that uses a frac tank for storing diesel fuel will have easy and quick access to refuel any heavy equipment. Another site that stores fresh water in the tank will have on site access to water for concrete mixing, drilling, or even site clean-up. Large amounts of water are also needed for hydrostatic testing on pipeline projects.

Semi-Trucks and Trailers for Any Project

A staple piece of equipment for any construction project is a semi-tractor, or semi-truck. Whether you’re using a day cab or sleeper, hook up the fifth wheel to different types of trailers depending on what you’re hauling. A quality semi-truck, or a few, are essential to getting materials to and from your job site.

There is a range of materials and equipment necessary for construction projects, and it all has to get to the job site somehow. Use a step deck or lowboy style trailer to transport heavy equipment such as bulldozers and loaders. A dump trailer can bring sand, gravel, dirt and more to a construction site, or haul any debris away. Side dump trailers are the rock stars when it comes to road and levee construction to offload materials from the side into a controlled row, rather than all in one spot.

Harness The Sun With A Solar Light Tower

Construction sites that need additional lighting and want to save big on operating costs turn to solar light towers. Since these towers use solar technology, they don’t require diesel but can still deliver bright LED light from dusk to dawn, or inside buildings where diesel fumes would be dangerous. Construction projects can even add another shift to their crew when they can work safely through the night. Have a project in a remote area? No problem! A solar light tower doesn’t need an electrical connection, just change the battery every 3-5 years. So many construction projects already benefit from solar light towers.

How Construction Sites Work Smarter

Efficient construction operations all have a few things in common: hard working crews, the right materials, and the right equipment. Quality equipment including frac tanks, semi-trucks, trailers and solar light towers all help construction projects to operate effectively. Let the experts at Geneva Equipment help you find the right equipment for your construction business or project.