Hardwood Crane Mats

Hardwood Crane Mats

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North Dakota

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Used Hardwood Crane Mats for sale in North Dakota. We have the following crane mats available:

  • Grade A Mats 8"x48"Wx18'L

Quantity: 401

Price: $335 each FOB

  • Grade A Mats 8"x48"x16'L

Quantity: 200

Price: $335 each FOB

  • Grade B Mats 8"x48"x18'L

Quantity: 1461

Price: $275 each FOB

  • Grade C Mats 8"x48"x18'L

Quantity: 1097

Price: $210 each FOB

We also have Skids available for purchase. Quantity: 59,250. Size: 6"x4"x48"L. If interested please call 855-201-7193.


Phone Number:855-201-7193