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A range of equipment is needed in agricultural operations, especially when it comes to regular fertilizer applications and diesel fuel storage. A frac tank can be a great addition to many agricultural jobs to provide bulk storage of liquids. But how do you know which type of frac tank is right for your farm? We can help! Tell us about your specific operation and Geneva Equipment will help you select the frac tank that will deliver the best result in the most cost-effective way.

From water and fertilizer, to manure and fuel, farmers can benefit from having a bulk storage option for agricultural liquids. Save time, money and manpower with the right tank, and place it in a location that's easily accessible and central. We've helped many farmers throughout the Midwest, Southwest, and all across the U.S. find high-quality used frac tanks. Discover some common agricultural applications that use frac tanks below to learn more.






Manure & Fertilizer Storage

Best for the Job: Slope Top Frac Tank

A slope top frac tank is a great solution for manure and fertilizer storage with a large 21,000 gallon or 500 BBL capacity. Place a slope top tank in a central location between fields for easy access when it comes time to pump your liquid fertilizer or manure directly into the spreader. This bulk storage solution saves time and eliminates a lot of back and forth during spreading operations. Ready to move your tank to a different area? The sloped design of this tank gives it a shorter length and tighter turning radius, perfect for narrow farm roads where a full-length tank may be hard to maneuver. The slope top frac tank is the most economical and convenient way to store liquid fertilizer or manure.

Diesel Fuel Storage

Best for the Job: Flat Top Frac Tank

Need a better solution for storing diesel fuel for your farm equipment? Want to take advantage of price dips and stock up on fuel? A flat top frac tank is the perfect solution for fuel storage on any size farm. The large 21,000 gallon or 500 BBL capacity of a flat top frac tank means that you can stock up on fuel when the prices are low and power your equipment all year. You know how busy you can get during harvest time, so save time by storing diesel fuel in strategic locations onsite for quick and convenient re-fueling of all your equipment. This bulk storage solution has already saved so many farmers time, money and manpower during their operations.

Water Storage

Best for the Job: Flat Top Frac Tank

Water is used constantly across agricultural operations, from fresh water for livestock to water for irrigation. One of the most convenient and economical ways to store water on your farm is with a flat top frac tank. A flat top tank boasts a massive 21,000 gallon or 500 BBL capacity and can save a lot of hassle on larger farms that use water for livestock or crops. Having a dry season and need to water acres of crop? Quickly and easily pump the stored water out of the frac tank and into your irrigation system. Have a large livestock farm and need to make watering more efficient? A frac tank makes it easy to store bulk fresh water for any livestock farm, big or small.

Trucks and Trailers

In addition to frac tanks for bulk liquid storage, trucks and trailers are essential to any agricultural operation. Semi-tractors are often used on farms and are essential for transporting crops, materials, livestock and more. A semi-tractor can be hooked to different types of trailers that you will see throughout agricultural operations. Hopper style trailers are the most popular for hauling products like grain or corn after harvesting. Flatbeds and dump trailers are also commonly used in agricultural applications.