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Vacuum Tanks




Vacuum tanks perform a wide variety of uses for many industries, including Oil & Gas, construction, and environmental. They use high-pressure hoses along with a strong pump to create extreme suction ideal for industrial and environmental clean-up, removing build-up from sewers and septic tanks, and more. Their unique construction allows for storage and removal of potentially hazardous wastes.

Vacuum tanks are often used on drilling and hydro-excavating jobs to remove sludge, water, and muddy debris from a job site both from the surface and underground. For the cleaning of septic tanks and sewers, the powerful suction of a vacuum tank can easily handle removing build-up and sludge leaving the sewer more efficient and resistant to flooding.

Vacuum tanks can also be used in environmental spills and clean-up where they can suck up, store and remove hazardous waste because of their unique construction. Those materials can then be easily transported to a safe disposal site. Use a vacuum tank at an industrial site to remove water, sludge, and debris for a safer work environment. They can also be used to expose underground utility lines that may require inspection or repair.

Vacuum tanks are versatile and can be transported to and from a job site on a flatbed or trailer, or even mounted to a truck. With their wide range of uses, so many industries and projects can benefit from having a vacuum tank ready to go. Contact us for more information about the vacuum tanks we currently have available or can get for you.