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Do You Need to Haul it or Store it? Our Experts Will Work With You to Get the Right Solution for Your Exact Needs and Budget.


All farms, whether livestock or crop focused, have a stock of equipment that is necessary for smooth operations, such as tractors, combines and spreaders. In addition to these, semi-trucks, trailers, and frac tanks for bulk liquid storage are beneficial as well. Save time, money and manpower with the right equipment on your agricultural operation.

Trucks and Trailers for Transportation

Having a semi-truck and a few key trailers for easy access on your farm is key for efficient operations. Hook up different types of trailers to your semi-truck for transporting livestock, crops, and materials. Hopper style trailers are used during the harvest season for hauling grain and other crops, while a flatbed trailer is often used to move bales of hay or straw. No matter how big or small your operation is, a good quality truck and a few key trailers help keep your farm running smoothly.

Frac Tanks for Liquid Storage

A frac tank is a large liquid storage container that is often used on large farming operations for storing manure, fertilizer, diesel fuel and even water. A slope top style frac tank is ideal for farms accessed by narrow roads because it has a shorter length and tighter turning radius.

Place your slope top tank in key locations throughout your fields and fill with manure or liquid fertilizer for faster and more efficient spreading. Many farms also use these tanks for diesel fuel, so that they can have quicker access to refuel machinery during busy harvest seasons. This is also a great way to stock up on fuel when the prices are low.

In addition to fuel and fertilizer, many farms utilize frac tanks as a bulk water storage option for irrigation or even livestock watering. Slope top tanks boast a large 21,000 gallon capacity, so farmers can have a water supply anywhere on their farm.

Benefits of Choosing Used

New equipment may be shiny, but a used piece of equipment can work just as well. A quality used truck, trailer or tank from Geneva Equipment can save farmers money upfront, while also being beneficial for years to come. Check out our current stock selection of used equipment, or contact us for a quote with delivery to your farm.