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2008 Dragon Insulated Frac Tanks, Prices Starting At $9,900

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North Dakota

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The flat top frac tank holds up to 21,000 gallons or 500 BBL of liquid. Best uses: store fuel, diesel, liquid fertilizer, manure, septic wastewater, or freshwater. Each tank weighs roughly 28,000 pounds, and is 9 feet 6 inches high, by 8 feet 6 inches wide and 46 feet long.

Each of the tanks have an internal manifold and are spray foam insulated, R-7 Value. Store liquids without worrying about weather, because the insulation on these tanks prevents the contents from freezing in cold weather. Contact us for more photos of the tanks, inside and outside, and get a quote on delivery to you.

Not the exact tank you're looking for? We have access to tanks nationwide, let us find it for you. Our equipment goes through a 5-point inspection process to ensure it meets the standards for your job.


Manufacturer Dragon
Model Insulated Flat Top
Year 2008
Condition Used
Color Black, Green
Quantity 60